How Can I Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software On The Target Phone?

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to know what someone is up to and have no way to do that? Perhaps you heard those spy apps are available that can help you collect such information, but you wonder if other options are available where you do not need to access the target phone to install them.

Well, the good news is that there are. There are several ways you can spy on a phone without having physical access or installing any software.


Cell phone spy without access to target phone

There are two ways you can spy on an Android phone without physical access and without having to install any software.

Android Device Manager

As it is named, this is an inbuilt application in every Android phone that works just like Find My iPhone, but for Android devices. ADM is designed to help you find information like location, recent location map, lock the phone, cause to ring as well as to erase all data.

The advantage that Android Device Manager has is that since it is already pre-installed, all you need is the Google credentials of the account the phone is registered with. So long as the target phone is connected to the Internet, just follow the following steps:

  • Open your browser and visit Google’s Device Manager website.
  • Enter Google credentials as prompted.
  • A map will now appear on the screen, showing exactly where the phone is and where it has been. It will also give you the option to ring it, lock it, or erase all data remotely.

Google Timeline

This is another feature by Google that comes inbuilt in all Android phones. For you to use this feature, the device needs to be connected to the Internet and have its location and location history turned on.

You will need to have the Google credentials that the target phone is registered with. Log in to the Timeline page and enter the login details. The page will return a map of location history showing places, routes and location density.

Once you’re logged in, you can find location history by clicking on ‘Places you’ve been, and you can also see places most visited.

How to spy on someone’s phone remotely?

You’re probably wondering, is that all there is to it? Unfortunately, yes. These two methods are the only available options to spy on an Android phone without installing spy software. Unless you are an accomplished hacker who can get in somebody’s phone remotely and access their information, you need help from best android spy apps.


How about reading SMS messages without installing software?

Out there, you will find some people claiming read text messages from another phone without them knowing or call history simply by entering a phone number on their sites. Those people are cons, looking to make a quick buck off gullible people.

Currently, it is not possible to read somebody’s SMS history without having some software forwarding it somewhere. This is because SMS messages are stored locally on a mobile device.

Is it possible to spy on a target phone remotely?

Spying on a phone remotely is certainly possible, and you can access much more information that will be of more help to you than you can imagine. Call logs, records, live eavesdropping, message forwarding, browser history, WhatsApp, Facebook, keylogging and many more features.


This is where spy apps come in. They are applications that are custom built to collect phone data and present it in a way that is easily understood. Spy apps only need you have access to the target phone once, manual installation. This process depends on the app itself, but typically 10 to 20 minutes should do it.

Once the software is installed, you do not need any further access to the phone and you can get all the data that you need remotely from there henceforth.

Do I have to install software on the target phone?

Yes. The software is imperative, otherwise, how can you collect such data? Even if you were hacking such a phone, you would need to plant a bug. Spying apps work like a bug by giving you a window to view all activity on the target phone.


You are likely to come across people who tell you that they can install the app remotely through an email attachment, a downloadable image or video, or some other file. Again, these are con men looking to clean you off.

These people will usually ask you for a one-time payment to deliver the app, but the truth is they cannot deliver. There are too many defenses against such outdated methods, and they have to be bypassed manually. That is why such people ask for the one time fee because they know that once you pay, they do not need you again.

What if the software is found on the target phone?

If would be a massive waste of time, effort and money if the app you struggled so hard to install were to be found and deleted as soon as you installed it. No spy can achieve any amount of success unless they were to maintain discretion.


This is where the spy app of your choice gets to prove its quality. Any spy app worth the name should at least offer the option of hiding the icon.

The most advanced spy apps will have a minimal effect on the target phone in terms of resource usage to avoid detection, as well as innocuous names for their files and process. This helps them to hide from the eyes of relatively knowledgeable people.

Remote cell phone spy software without target phone

There are many brands of spy software on the market that you can choose from. They range from basic free software to highly advanced spy apps with a full array of features.

When investing in a spy phone app, there is one rule only: Go big or go home. Most likely, you will only have one chance at getting the software installed, and you will want the best app that can remain hidden after installation and still provide all the information you need.

How to use spy software without target phone

The best spy app for android without access to target phone allow you full remote spying capabilities on the target phone from anywhere on earth. All you will need is a few minutes with the target phone, and then you’re good to go.

  1. Visit the website of your chosen spy app, e.g.,
  2. Create your account on the website. 
  3. Choose a payment plan and make the payment.
  4. You will receive an email with your login information as well as a download link for the software.
  5. Find an opportunity to access the target phone. Install the software using the download link, follow the installation prompts, and you’re good to go.

Spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone free trial

The only way to spy on the target phone is to install spying software. The other ways available are very limited in the type and amount of information they can afford you.

Anybody claiming otherwise is a con, and you should beware of them. They will promise free trials that soon enough, you will find, need to be unlocked in a ‘premium’ version to access. Such sites are out to fleece you.


There are apps available that will offer you a free trial for a limited range of features. However, if these are legitimate, they will still work in the same manner and will all require you to do a manual installation on the target phone.

This is why we have set the record straight so that you can be aware of what is true and what is not. Spying apps are the only solution to effective remote spying.

Which spy app can meet all your needs?

As we have seen, you need to invest in a spy app that can adequately fulfill your needs while remaining undetected. NEXSPY is the best spy app for android phones and tablets. Not only is it easy and intuitive to use, but it is designed with discretion in mind so that it will sit in the target phone and remain undiscovered.

Most modern spy apps give themselves away by draining the target phone battery, showing unwanted apps, causing lags in performance among other things. This raises suspicion. This is where NEXSPY comes in.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

It works discreetly in the background without raising any flags, and can still collect all the data you need to set your mind at ease. This includes live call recording and eavesdropping, recording, and monitoring of all short messages both inbound and outbound on all messaging sites, browser history, key logs, photo, and video capture, among others.

NEXSPY is the best app that will meet all your expectations of a spy app without denting your pocket.


There are options available to you when you want to spy on a phone without installing any software. The downside to these is that you can access very little data, usually, location history and features like phone lock and data erase.

For serious spying power, you need to install the best spy app for iPhone or Android which can give you access to all the data you may require while remaining undetected. While it requires a one-time manual installation, once done it gives you lifetime access without ever having to get the phone again.



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