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Windows 10 Parental Control – One of the Best Features

If you are setting up a computer for a child, there might be a number of things that you want to take care of. You have to think a lot and although it sounds a bit too much, you really have to think about several things again.

Why take care of the computer?

You don’t want your child to be exposed to the inappropriate content on the internet. Even if he or she does not access it intentionally, there are advertisements of the same that sometimes even make their way to the safest and secure servers and websites as well. When it comes to our children, we really have to take care of the content that they are going through, because that has a lot of influence on their emotional and mental development as well.

It is a scientific fact that at an early age, children learn faster than anything. They immediately grab what they see or hear. You do not want them to access to any offensive or inappropriate content as well. It is necessary to find one of the best parental control software. NEXSPY is one of the best parental control software

Tools of Windows

With Windows, it is all possible. With the help of the tools provided, one can easily control, or have a check on what is being done on a particular computer. Here is a list of tools that windows provide us:

  • Child Accounts: one can make a completely different account on a computer for a child. It is the simplest method for ensuring that your child has a safe computing experience. All that has to be done is that you have to create a different account and categorize it as a child account. When you will do this, the computer will ask you yourself, what things you want to be accessed from this account, or what not. The new windows even have an option to add your family members to the same machine.

You can add the child account restrictions there. With this feature, you can decide the time that your child shall spend on the machine, the hours in which he or she shall do this. There are content restrictions as well. You can enable or disable certain applications if you want to. Your child won’t be able to access them. It is itself one of the best parental control software. And you can block them in the parental control settings

  • You can keep a check on the content that your child accesses on the internet, with the website search filters that are available. Even if your child tries to access the internet from a third-party internet browser, windows can stop it. The filters work with the tags and labels that a website carries. You can select what your child would see and what not. Obviously, you would not want your twelve-year-old kid to browse through matrimonial sites. To hinder the access there and provide access to educational sites.
  • Make sure you set your child’s account to a standard user. A Standard User in Windows is the one which cannot make any major changes to the settings of the system. That is the difference between the administrator and the standard account. You shall also enable the User Control feature, which always asks for an administrator password each time you are making changes to your computer.

Why is this important? Simply because you do not want your kid to install inappropriate applications on the machine. Let us say that your child happened to bring a video game from some of his friends. And even if he or she does not know, there are adult and universal ratings for the video games as well. If by any chance that game happens to have an adult rating or a parental guidance label, windows will restrict that application. This feature surely makes it one if the best parental control software.

Also, know this

You can always use certain third-party applications as well. They are specifically designed for having an all-time watch on a computer, and that would obviously be to control what and what not your child can access on the system.

These applications have multiple options. Windows provides it as a general feature, which is effective but still, there are applications that are specifically designed for this purpose. This simply means that they have more specific and minute control options. You can block websites by their addresses, you can restrict the movie and songs playback.

That is not all, these applications also have an integrated mobile application that comes with them. One can easily install that on a mobile phone and have a record of what was accessed and what was trying to be accessed. It shows the whole record as a statement. And you can even have a live watch of what is being viewed on the screen.

Other tools

One shall always understand why is it important to keep an eye on what the children are being exposed to. There are other accessibility tools as well. You can schedule the on and off time of your computer and handle the power remotely. The technology has developed and it is at its peak, in the past few decades. You can even install educational software on your device. Some of them are so good that they can even change the default interface of the windows. And make it way simpler for your child to know and learn new things. There is other software as well, but you might have to choose from the best parental control software.

These software has even had the internet explorer designed in a specific way. The explorer has all kinds of tabs but all of them make the child learn something or the other. You can even select what you want your child to see. Whether it will be an encyclopedia type of content or any cartoon that you want your child to see.
This software do all that you want them to do but ultimately, you shall also make your child realize what is right and wrong for them. If they have the knowledge of right and wrong, there would not be a need to control them at all. But to be on the safer side, windows has all the necessary tools that can keep your child safe.