NEXSPY Review 2021: Is The App Suited For Parental Monitoring?

Digital frauds are a huge problem due to the surge in online activities. Therefore, every aware person wants the safety of their loved ones. NEXSPY is an app that monitors such fraudulent activities. With many positive NEXSPY reviews, this app is becoming popular.

Certain factors can prove the efficacy of a monitoring app. So, as a consumer, you should be aware of the capabilities of such apps.


If you are a parent, worrying about the online exposure of your children is natural. There’s nothing wrong with worrying. But, you need a balanced approach to keep track of your children.  

So, can NEXSPY help you in such a case? Find out in our NEXSPY review to decide whether you need this app.


Let us get straight to the point. NEXSPY is a monitoring application. This phone spy app is compatible with all smartphones.

NEXSPY allows customers to track all the activities on a target phone remotely. You can sit in your room, open the laptop and view what’s happening on the target phone.

NEXSPY has many useful features. It is fluent in monitoring any individual as per requirements. Why do parents need a spying app? The answer to this question is simple.


These days, online dating, financial fraud, and bullying have become unfortunate yet evident parts of our lives. NEXSPY can provide real-time data on the social accounts of your child. So, you can interfere at the right time.

On the other hand, NEXSPY is an efficient business tool. This app can keep track of employees who use office phones for the wrong purpose.

Overall, this app suits personal and professional needs. Many NEXSPY reviews prove that you do not need to spend more time searching for a reliable monitoring app.  

How Does NEXSPY Work?

NEXSPY belongs to the family of leading Android spy apps. So, the basic working principle of these apps is similar.

Technically, this app runs in the background of a smartphone. Many NEXSPY reviews laud the efficient stealth mode of this application. The user doesn’t notice the presence of NEXSPY in the phone.

Choose a Subscription Plan

From a customer perspective, NEXSPY works on a subscription-based model. You can choose from several suitable subscription plans. Accordingly, the company provides the right module for you.


It is important to realize that NEXSPY offers high flexibility to customers. So, you can get the best offering in the market.

Create Your Account

The next step is to sign up using your email address. This step is crucial as your NEXSPY account will serve as the main monitoring portal.

A handy tip is to use your email address. This way, you don’t need to keep track of multiple accounts that end up proving cumbersome.

Installation Process

NEXSPY needs installation on the target phone. So, you should have physical access to your target’s phone at least once.

The overall process is self-explanatory. Hence, you do not need to be a tech geek to know how NEXSPY works.


The Cloud Portal

NEXSPY stores all the information on a particular cloud server. Every user has a reserved space for their account. You can access this cloud portal with your respective credentials.

Your target’s data is safe. So, you do not need to worry about data loss or external hacking threats.

Background Monitoring

As mentioned earlier, this app runs in stealth mode. It collects vital data like call logs, messages, and social media account info, etc.

This process is the final step in understanding how NEXSPY works. Finally, all you need to do is sign in to the NEXSPY portal through your credentials. Then, you can view a dashboard and read text messages from another phone without them knowing and activities of the target phone.

NEXSPY Compatibility

Compatibility is a major issue with most monitoring software. Users often end up buying a subscription only to realize it doesn’t work on a smartphone.


Certainly, you don’t want to face such a situation. Hence, NEXSPY developers designed an app that suits almost every existing smartphone.

Still, it helps to get a clear idea of the specs you need to assess before choosing NEXSPY.

If Your Target Has an iPhone

If you are a parent, the target is your son or daughter. On the other hand, if you are an employer, the target is an employee.

Irrespective of the target, if they use an iPhone, you need to:

  • Jailbreak the iPhone
  • Run the iPhone online

What is Jailbreaking?

Let us quickly understand the term ‘jailbreaking.’ Apple Inc. has pre-installed software restrictions in every iPhone.

However, you can remove these restrictions by kernel patches. You can use different jailbreaking tools like tethered, untethered, semi-tethered, and semi-untethered methods.

These days, you can watch videos and tutorials to jailbreak any iPhone easily. So, there is no need to worry about this fancy technical jargon.


Compatible iOS Versions

For installing iPhone spy app, the iOS versions are important. The target iPhone must run iOS 7 to iOS 14 versions.

If Your Target Has an Android Phone

Similar to the iPhone, you need at least one-time physical access to the Android smartphone. According to your requirements, you may need to root the target Android device.

For instance, you need to root the device to monitor:

  • Web activity
  • Screenshots of apps
  • Some instant messaging apps

You do not need to root the device to monitor:

  • Gmail
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp

What is Rooting?

Just as an iPhone needs jailbreaking for customization, an Android phone needs rooting for full user access. You can use different rooting tools to unlock the Android operating system.

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and command prompt are prominent rooting techniques. Some Android manufacturers allow official help to perform rooting.

Compatible Android Versions

NEXSPY is compatible with smartphones running Android version 4 and above. These days, you are most likely to find almost every Android phone running version 4+. Still, it is better to be sure.


What Monitoring Features Does NEXSPY Have?

Probably the most vital aspect of NEXSPY reviews is the sophisticated monitoring features. Let us understand each feature that NEXSPY provides to users.

Phone Call Monitoring

NEXSPY tracks incoming and outgoing calls on a target device. You can view the entire call history and logs by visiting the dedicated dashboard.

After rooting, you can also view the call logs of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp.


Text Messages

Be it SMS, MMS, or iMessages, NEXSPY can assist a responsible parent or employee. So, you can always keep an eye on who your child chats with through messages.

Some kids are smart enough to chat via SMS. This mode is conventional and poses fewer doubts. So, spy on text message is a useful feature indeed.

Social Messaging Apps

These days, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, etc., are every youngster’s delight. These social media platforms can pose unwanted threats to your children.

With NEXSPY’s remote tracking, you can:

  • View profile pictures, photos
  • Read incoming and outgoing messages
  • View account videos

GPS Tracking

In addition to tracking messages and calls on various platforms, NEXSPY provides a real-time location-tracking feature.

You can view the location history, set safe zones, and know the exact location of your child or employee.

NEXSPY notifies you if your target (in this case, your kid) is at an improper place. This feature has been more than handy for many parents.

NEXSPY Keylogger

A keylogger is a tool that informs you when someone types anything on a device. NEXSPY keylogger feature can help you notify potentially dangerous terms.

So, you can avoid unwanted interactions through this awesome keylogger.


Monitoring Internet Activity

NEXSPY allows you to see all the websites that your target visits on the phone browser. This feature helps you identify if your child views inappropriate content on the internet.

On the other hand, employers can keep a check on the browsing habits of an employee.

Apps Tracking and Statistics

You can even track the usage statistics of every app in a target device. NEXSPY provides useful stats like frequency, installation time, and screenshots of an app.

The screenshot feature can prove beneficial to store solid evidence of any undesirable activity. But, you need to root or jailbreak the smartphone for capturing remote screenshots.


Multimedia Files Monitoring

NEXSPY helps you save photos, videos, and audio files of a target device. The application has dedicated Instagram and Facebook modules for this purpose.

All in all, with numerous features, NEXSPY can become a great companion for any parent.

How Do I Install NEXSPY on My Kid’s Phone?

To install NEXSPY, all you need to do is gain physical access to your kid’s phone at least once. Before this, ensure you have an active subscription plan.

Here is the basic chronology to follow:

  • Visit the official website
  • Browse the subscription plans and choose a suitable payment method
  • You will receive the account credentials on your email ID
  • The instructions to download and install the app are simple
  • Install the app on your kid’s phone
  • Finish the setup, and voila! You can now access your kid’s data remotely
NEXSPY dashboard

How Much Does NEXSPY Cost?

Compared to some other spy apps, NEXSPY has simple plans. The NEXSPY reviews acknowledge the simplicity largely too.

For starters, you can avail of a 3-day trial at just $ 0.99. In general, the plans are as follows:

  • One month: $ 39 per month
  • Three months: $ 29 per month
  • One year: $ 19 per month

What’s more? If you aren’t happy, a refund within 14 days is applicable too! Overall, NEXSPY offers a fine costing structure to customers.

NEXSPY Pros and Cons

Before you make the final decision, go through the pros and cons of NEXSPY:


  • Affordable price
  • Reliable app
  • Easy installation
  • Many powerful features
  • 3-day free trial available


  • Requires iPhone jailbreaking
  • Requires Android rooting for additional features

Is NEXSPY Legitimate?

There are always concerns hovering around modern spy apps. Most apps can leave a device vulnerable to malware.

However, NEXSPY is a safe and reliable application. You can expect consistent results from this software.

Primarily, there are categories of phone users you can monitor via NEXSPY:

  • Children under the age of 18
  • Employees who use company devices

The NEXSPY app has a friendly user interface. Also, it is easy to set up. The customer service support is convenient too.


So, you can rely on this spy app to keep a check on vulnerable targets.

Teenage kids do not understand the dangers of the online world. By using a reliable app like NEXSPY, you can protect your kids without any considerable interference. Thus, your relationships will remain healthy.

You should realize that every person has privacy. However, the online world is no longer a safe place, especially for young kids. So, using NEXSPY, you are just keeping track of the digital hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the server store smartphone data?

NEXSPY erases all the smartphone data after 90 days. So, your kid’s messages and other info do not stay on their servers. You can also download the data and save it on your device.

Is internet connection mandatory for data transfer?

An active internet connection is compulsory for smartphone data to sync with NEXSPY servers. So, ensure a steady Wi-Fi or data plan at your home.


Each country has different monitoring laws. So, it is always wise to know the legitimacy of spying apps in your location. NEXSPY is a reliable spying app. Still, the target person becomes important before installing any spy app.

Can I use one license on multiple devices?

NEXSPY provides affordable subscription plans. Hence, you can use one license plan on a single device. To monitor more devices, you need to purchase separate licenses.

Final Thoughts

NEXSPY is loaded with numerous features. You can use these features as per requirement, at affordable rates. Importantly, this app suits parental monitoring. It runs in stealth mode, so your kid won’t notice its presence.

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Hope this NEXSPY review clears all confusion regarding this reliable spy app. Remember to purchase the licensed version only from the official website.



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