Top 5 iPhone Spy App – Best Spy App for iPhone 2021

Modern technology has become an integral part of our lives. Currently, there are billions of smartphone users in the world, which is a remarkable fact hardly imaginable a few decades ago.

However, with an increased number of smartphone users, there is an increased threat to digital security. Online abuse is on the rise, and many children have been the target of cyber-bullying.


That led to companies to start thinking about good ways for protection in the online world. They come up with an answer in the form of smartphone spy apps, which are great for defending and protecting our closest ones from all online dangers. Even companies today are using these spy apps to track and monitor the location of their employees.

There are many types of phone spy apps out there on the market, and the following are the best ones for iPhone in 2021.

The best iPhone spy apps


NEXSPY is a great application that is often labelled as the best spy app for Android and iPhone. It functions perfectly on all devices. After you download the app, install and activate it on the target device, you will gain full remote access to that device. In the sea of many spy apps on the market, NEXSPY is the best one because it is fully loaded with many great features which are simple and very easy to use.


NEXSPY is also one of the most affordable apps out there. You have three different packages to choose from. The monthly subscription will cost you just $39 per month. The quarterly subscription is $87 that is billed every 3 months, and the yearly option stands at $228, which translates to just $19 per month.

The following are the top features of NEXSPY:

Spying on text messages is very quickly done. Just open the inbox of the targeted device remotely and get an insight into the inbox and outbox.

Call tracking is another feature through which you can see all incoming and outgoing calls from the phone you are tracking. Even the missed calls are recorded too.

GPS tracking is an excellent option for tracking the phone if it gets lost or stolen.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

With NEXSPY, you can also spy on WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook easily and without problems. Monitor everything that is happening on these social media platforms. View all photos, videos, galleries and even access those files that have been deleted.

Spying on a smartphone through NEXSPY requires following some straightforward steps. As soon as you download and install the app on the target iPhone, you can start tracking and monitoring everything that is going on in the device. You will have an own dedicated NEXSPY account online where you’ll need to log into and then check everything you are interested in.


XNSPY is another iPhone spy app created for monitoring and successful tracking. Its features can come really handy in times of need. There are basic but also some advanced features that can help you monitor iPhones and other similar devices without any problems. Regardless of whether you just need to track text messages or monitor calls to and from the iPhone, XNSPY will do the job for you.


This app is compatible with most devices on the market. If you are using an older iPhone version, then you can use the iCloud spying app of XNSPY together with the jailbreak version that other spying apps are offering.

When it comes to XNSPY packages for iPhone spying, you can get either Basic or Premium. Both packages can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. In general, XNSPY is a reliable spy app for monitoring iPhones, but it still lacks some things that, for example, NEXSPY offer.


mSpy is the third app on this list created if you want to spy on iPhone. This application has been used by many people for monitoring iPhones because of its simple features. It also comes with some advanced options that give you control over the targeted iPhone.

With mSpy, you can remotely monitor the targeted iPhone. However, mSpy requires its users to jailbreak the iPhone before they install the application on it. mSpy supports versions from iOS 7 up until iOS 9.1. If you want to track an iPhone, you first must download and install the app from their official website.


mSpy is also offered in Basic and Premium variant, depending on which features you want to use. You can choose a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription, but their packages are not very affordable in comparison to other mobile spy apps.

The good thing is that there is non-stop customer support, but the negative side of mSpy is that it is a bit expensive, and it requires the iPhone to be jailbroken.


Spyier is an iPhone spying app that comes with a group of features for monitoring and tracking the iPhone devices. It is also compatible with iOS 11 and new iPhones. With Spyier, you can spy on sms and get information about incoming and outgoing calls from the iPhone.

It can be synchronized with the iCloud, giving you access from everywhere. However, the biggest drawback of Spyier is its limited performance. Sometimes this app lags, which causes problems and becomes less effective.


This spy app is not that long on the market, so it still needs improvement. Maybe the price of this app is lower than the other apps, but its functionality is not that great. Also, Spyier’s compatibility with iPhones is limited. Spyier can only be used on those iPhones that are not jailbroken, and there is no support for jailbroken devices.

The major attraction of Spyier is in its price. You can choose between Premium and Ultimate Edition of Spyier – Premium Edition with limited spying functionality comes for a cost of $89.99 a year, while the Ultimate Edition of Spyier with all features stands at $99.99 per year. Although Spyier is an affordable app, it lacks the necessary advanced features, and it cannot be successfully installed on jailbreak iPhones.


TrackMyFone completes the list of top 5 spy apps for iPhone in 2021. If you are a concerned parent that wants to make sure your kids are safe online, then this app is a good option for you.

The app allows you to monitor your kids’ iPhone activity, and you can control their devices remotely. There are a few dozen features available with this app and TrackMyFone is compatible with iPhone and iPad as well.


Unlike most other spy apps, TrackMyFone does not require you to download it and install it. You just need to get access to the iCloud information of the device to pair it with the iPhone or iPad. It also does not require jailbreaking the iPhone. TrackMyFone is fully compatible with all iOS operating devices starting from 6.0 up to the latest version 12.3.

TrackMyFone comes with a single package which you can subscribe to on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. It is an affordable app but comes with fewer features in comparison to other well-established spy apps on the market. Significant cons of this app are that you cannot access Facebook messages on the iPhone, and you cannot record calls in WhatsApp.

How we rated these apps

We have considered a few important factors when rating these apps. They are the following:

  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Pros and Cons

Each of the mentioned spy apps does an excellent job in tracking and monitoring iPhone devices. However, not all are fully compatible with all versions of iPhones, and they also have different prices to use them. Customer support also differs from one app to another, and all spy apps come with slightly different features.


Ultimately, it all depends on personal preference, which spy app you choose to use for your needs. However, we have done our best to try them all, check their best features and see their cons first hand. Instead of burning yourself by using all apps and ending up disappointed, we have done that for you. You can use this is a guide about what can you expect from each of the mentioned spy apps for iPhone.

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By comparing all these crucial things in all spy apps for the iPhone, we came to the conclusion that NEXSPY is the best choice. It provides the best value for money invested, and it is packed with several dozen features that are extremely helpful.

Top-notch customer support, compatibility with all devices and having many pros over cons make NEXSPY the best spy app for iPhone in 2021.

Other apps are useful and have their own positive characteristics, but NEXSPY has something extra that other apps lack. If you want to avoid wasting time trying different apps and see what they offer, we suggest you take our word and use NEXSPY.

The monitoring process is excellent, and you control and check everything from a straightforward control panel. This quality app is simple, fast, reliable and very easy to use.



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