12 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android In 2021

There are many valid reasons for using a spy app without target phone on other people. You can normally use the spy apps to:

  • Track your kid’s phone
  • Track your own phone
  • Track your employee’s phone

It is never recommended to use spy apps for a wrong and malicious purpose. Also, it is always to be taken care of that the free spy apps Android undetectable are not to be used without the consent of the other person. You need to know the rules of using the spy apps so that you follow them, without creating problems for others.

The best spy apps for Android


It is the best android spy apps for smartphones, computers, and tablets. It allows you to spy on text messages, calls, location, media, WhatsApp, web history, etc in the phone you want to spy. The reason for using selecting this app are:

  • More features than any other software
  • Lite version available for non-rooted Android
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fully compatible with Android and iOS
  • Access your monitored data from anywhere
  • 100% invisible and fully anonymous
  • Change target devices flexibly with no extra cost
  • Exclusive mobile Portal Viewer app
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Low and affordable price for excellent service
  • Huge discounts for a yearly subscription
  • Your data and privacy are securely encrypted


It’s a mobile tracker that can spy on SMS, call history, camera, audio, etc. To use this app you just need to sign up for your free account by entering your email address and password. Then you need to download the app in your device and install it. Then you can use it to track all the data of the cell phone that you want.


It’s a SMS tracker app for personal use. It can help find lost and stolen phones. It has some additional features like taking pictures, SMS commanding, maps, etc. it is not useful in tracking other people’s devices. The subscription also starts at a very low price of $5 per year.


It is one of the most intense apps for cell phones. It provides simple features that are useful for the parents to keep an eye on their kids. It can hide and comes with basic remote control support, SMS proofing and many other such features. It is expensive for normal folks. It is available on Google Play.


Carrier Family Locator Apps

They are family location services provided by T- Mobile and other mobile carriers. By this app, you can keep a record of the location of any phone of your plan. They usually work on a feature like on-demand location, and alerts of different kinds.


It is among the more best spy apps for android. It enables you to turn on the microphone to listen to the surroundings of the device, remote camera capture, keylogging, monitoring chat apps and can completely hide from anti-virus apps and app drawers. This is quite pricy and is not available on Google Play.


This is an app for the parents. It helps in keeping track of Google accounts, allows you to view activities on your child’s device, manage apps and you can even recommend apps. It allows you to set device limits and even lock the device if needed.

Prey Anti Theft

It is kind of find mu device app. This is entirely free and provides you with decent features. It allows GPS tracking, phone locking, sending alarms through phones, taking pictures, etc.

Find My Device by Google

It is probably the best-suited app for finding the stolen or lost phones. It allows you to quickly access your phone on the map. You can also wipe out your phone, ring it or lock it to secure your data. Taking pictures is not allowed like Cerberus in this app.


This app has all the features like monitoring call logs, GPS tracking, monitoring web browsing, etc but it is less powerful than Spyera and FlexiSPY. This app is a good option for a business family with some money to be spent.


Kiddie Parental Control

It is one of the newer spy apps. This is used by parents to check on their kids. This offers features like blocking app installs; limit call duration, tracking device’s network activities, etc.

OEM Find My Phone

Some of the cell phone manufacturers provide finding services as a part of their software experience. One such manufacturers is Samsung. By simply logging in by your Samsung account you can find your device with this service. It is works parallel to Google’s Find My Device.


How do you check hidden spy apps and remove spy apps on any Android phone?

Some of the spy app for Android undetectable may be present in your device without your knowledge. You may want to find them and remove them if you don’t want to keep them on your phones. The apps are hidden very smartly so it is difficult to locate them but there are few methods of doing it.

  • The Glass Wire app allows you to monitor data on your device. With the help of this app, you can know when the data fro your phone is sent to some other device. This app is recommended to use as this is hidden from the task managers and antivirus apps, but they can’t hide their data usage.
  • If the host didn’t hide the app efficiently then it can be detected by some of the antivirus apps.
  • Uninstall guides are available for most of the big spy apps, like Flexispy, mSpy, etc.
  • Putting the phone on the airplane mode could offer you a temporary solution from getting saved from spying.
  • If all the other hacks fail then you can go for the factory reset option. This would clean all the pre-installed apps by the OEM.



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